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Ductless HVAC Installations and Maintenance for Your Convenience

Our experts are continually staying ahead of the HVAC game to make sure that your needs are met. We understand that a home’s air conditioning system can quick turn into an emergency if it is not operating effectively. That’s why we are prepared to equip your home with a ductless system to make sure that you are:


  • Comfortable, whether you’re experiencing a cold winter or a hot summer.
  • This system gets rid of your pipes and air leaks, ensuring that each room remains at a comfortable temperature.

However, we refuse to stop there. Our fully licensed and insured professionals are well-versed in ductless HVAC and are ready to ensure that your new air conditioning system continues to run efficiently. We value you as an esteemed customer. That is why we intend to use our ductless expertise to exceed your expectations in the installation and maintenance processes for your satisfaction.

Why Should I Invest in Ductless HVAC?

A ductless HVAC system sounds expensive, right? That’s actually a myth! Ductless HVAC system may be more pricey than normal systems in install, but the benefits are priceless:


  • Guaranteed to save you money. Normal duct work causes your system to have to work harder to cool down or heat your home, costing you more as your energy bill skyrockets.
  • More efficient without those narrow crevices or poor pipework in their way.
  • More dependable in heating or cooling the entire home.No longer have to worry about a space heater to achieve the level of comfort you deserve.
  • Simply safer for your health.Ductwork is often filled with more allergens and bacteria as the house gets older.
  • A ductless system will ensure that you are not storing harmful viruses and particles in your air.

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Furnace and Coils

When a heating or cooling system malfunctions, any one of its three components -- heat/cold source, distribution system, or thermostat -- may be causing the problem.


  • Heat/Cold Source 
  • The heat/cold source is the most complicated part of the heating and cooling system, and it's the part most likely to suffer from neglect. Problems in this area may also lead to distribution problems. Whatever heat/cold source your system uses, give it regular attention to prevent problems.
  • Distribution System
  • If the furnace or air conditioner turns on but the warm or cool air isn't reaching the rooms of your home, the problem is likely to be the blower or distribution system. 
  • Thermostat ProblemsTo make sure there's actually a problem with your heating system, you may want to check the thermostat, too. Learn how to calibrate a thermostat.
Central Air Units

Like so many mechanical systems in our homes, air conditioners always get used when we need them but are otherwise roundly ignored ... until there’s a problem. With air conditioners, neglecting routine maintenance leads to decreased efficiency (in other words, higher utility costs) and often, premature failure of expensive parts.


  1. Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance ChecklistClean the outdoor condenser coils and indoor evaporator units.
  2. Check the refrigerant level.
  3. Inspect the drain pans and condensate drains.
  4. Check outdoor fan motor and blades and indoor blower assembly.
  5. Check compressor and refrigerant tubing.
  6. Lubricate moving parts (as applicable).
  7. Inspect all electrical controls, wiring and connections.
  8. Inspect and clean or replace air filters.
  9. Run a general system test.
  10. Check ductwork for leaks and other problems.

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Air Handlers

Air handlers are used to ensure newly cooled or heated air is distributed evenly into your home. No more cool spots and uneven heat throughout your home. However, systems and appliances in your home need some TLC every now and then. Keep your air handler working smarter for you and your family with this air handler maintenance checklist.


  1. Air Handler Preventative MaintenanceDismantle the air handler unit.
  2. Clean the air handler unit.
  3. Rebuild the air handler unit.
  4. Give the finishing touches.
  • Air Handler Maintenance Checklist
  • Check the unit for noise and vibration
  • Clean filters
  • Drain and clean condensation pan
  • Lubricate and grease motor and blower bearing
  • Straighten coils with afin comb
  • Check that the motor belt and pulley are working properly
  • Inspect wiring for damage or loose connections
  • Check the unit’s bypass valve
Outdoor Heat Pumps

If you use your heat pump on a regular basis, you should change the filter about once a month. You could probably get away with only changing the filter once every three months if you only run the unit periodically. Keep fans and coils clean and free from debris, and have your heat pump inspected by a professional once every year or two.


  • Common Problems with Heat PumpsLow airflow
  • Leaky or noisy ducts
  • Temperature problems
  • Using the wrong refrigerant charge
  • Rattles
  • Squeaks
  • Grinding Noises

If you can, try to isolate the location of the problem. Is the airflow only low coming out of one register, or do all registers have low airflow? Is the offending noise coming from the air ducts or within the heat pump unit itself? Keep in mind that if you aren't mechanically inclined then you probably shouldn't attempt to do this kind of repair work.

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Q: What type of ductless HVAC system do you install?

A: Our HVAC technicians seek to install the best system for you, which is why we solely use the Fujistu ductless system in our installation services.

Q: Will my ductless system fail if it is too cold or too hot outside?

A: The short answer is no. Your ductless system is capable of balancing both heat and cold better than duct-based systems. As a result, you will never have to worry about whether you should use your system in fear that you will cause it to stop working altogether. Your ductless system, just like regular ductwork, will need occasional maintenance, but not as frequently. This is because your ductless system is not working harder than duct systems—just more efficiently. If you are concerned about the state of your ductless system, our HVAC professionals are happy to come out and attend to your maintenance needs!

Q: How much more efficient is a ductless system versus my regular ductwork?

A: A duct-based system can waste nearly a quarter of your air conditioning capabilities, especially if it is located in a poorly insulated or unairconditioned space. You may not even realize that your system is wasting air until you check your energy bill! With a ductless system, you can not only expect greater efficiency but also lower overall energy costs.

Q: If my home is older, would I be able to use a ductless system?

A: Older homes are a perfect fit for our ductless system. These types of homes typically have either older ductwork that needs to be replaced or needs an innovative solution to reach all rooms of the house. A ductless system can not only provide full home heating and cooling, but it can also ensure that your older home is consistently delivering fresh air for your personal health and safety.

Q: How costly is maintenance?

A:With a ductless air system, you can get more out of your maintenance service for less. No longer will you have to worry about the added costs of poor ductwork, especially since it is often out of your control. Our HVAC technicians are prepared to deliver the best in maintenance services and cater to your individual needs. We will give you our quote upfront with no hidden fees.

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